My boston and me - sp

My boston
and me


120 años
y aún joven

After more than 20 years without " pull the switch " I have returned to my old minerva Boston.
Is a machine manufactured in the late nineteenth century in Germany . You can not know the thousands of sheets printed , but we can say as of today , 2014 and with over a century , and after fully disassemble and reassemble , tight and clean the machine prints a amazing quality .
A time ago, the mechanism driving the dish broke and the ink evenly distributed . We've repaired and now works again accurately.
The pressure is given by a system of levers to knee. This system is common in many printing machines , it's the famous Heidelberg T and GT, performed strongly in a specific time , the printing. This machine is small , tiny format. Just come to a Din A5 ( 11x17cm ) .
But it is suitable for the fabrication of large cards , cards , reminders , invitations , header cards and all kinds of printed small.
This machine is presented in the " V Fira d' Oficis i Menestrals " Scepter of the villa , in the region of culd , on 7 and 8 June next , where visitors will see it print while know all work process of a printing press, now no longer in use . Molds are made with lead letters in front of the visitors, and then printed.
Ie present two offices : the compositor, which is what made the molds with lead letters , and the minervist , taking this molte and place it in the machine, makes adjustments and made the posters . It is certain that , having never been a indústria the Printing culd , this is the first letterpress machine operating in the region since Gutenberg invented the system of loose lead letters 1440 .

!! After 574 years this has happened .

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